About Us


Impact Montevallo is a collaborative partnership of concerned citizens raising awareness of youth substance use issues in the City of Montevallo and educates youth and adults to take action to prevent youth substance use.



Empower the Montevallo community to create healthy habits and live drug-free lifestyles through the establishment of all-inclusive relationships, open dialogue, family events, education and city-wide actions.



The City of Montevallo held its first youth drug prevention team meeting on February 13, 2018. Since our first meeting, our volunteers named our coalition, and we are now serving the City of Montevallo, Alabama as Impact Montevallo. Our coalition was formed after the city became a partner of Compact2020, a county organization that conducts juvenile substance use investigations with the aim to help youth access help instead of ending up in the juvenile justice system. After joining Compact2020, Mayor Hollie Cost established the city’s prevention team to engage the community in preventing youth from ever starting to use substances.


Community Assessment

Each year, our volunteers come together to create our Montevallo Community Assessment. Our Community Assessment is data-driven and guides our work by identifying the problems facing our young people. Based on our Community Assessment, we are addressing:

  • Youth Alcohol Use
  • Youth Marijuana Use
  • Youth Tobacco Use (Including Vaping)
  • Youth Medication Misuse
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