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Make A Difference: Talk About Alcohol

This resource booklet was published by the NIAA for parents and guardians to help facilitate conversations about underage drinking.

Be Aware: Underage Drinking

Underage drinking is not a rite of passage, it carries many risks. This document provides a general overview of what parents/guardians need to know.

Social Media Post: Consequences Happen!

Buying and serving alcohol to minors has damaging outcomes for everyone. Not only will the buyer/supplier face criminal charges and jail time, the dangers and consequences for the teen could be long lasting and even deadly. Use this post to warn about the consequences of social hosting and purchasing or serving minors.

Social Media Post: 33% of Teens Drink by age 15

The reality is that teens are trying alcohol. Use this social media post to encourage conversations about the risks and dangers associated with underage drinking.

Social Media Post: The Teen Brain & Alcohol

The brain is not fully developed until approximately age 25. Using substances before that age, especially during the teen years can affect the function of the brain significantly. Use this social media post to share about the dangers of drinking and brain development.

Social Media Post: Talk about Alcohol

Talk to teens about alcohol use, expectations and dangers. Make sure to have the conversation before an issue arises. Make sure teens know how to combat peer pressure.

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