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Video Presentation – The Truth: Marijuana

Officers Holloway and Wilhite provide a video presentation of the truth of marijuana. This presentation provides detailed information about marijuana’s chemical make-up, varied forms, how it is costly, dirty, deadly when mixed, addictive, potent, why teens may choose to use the substance and how they can get help.

Be Aware: Marijuana

Marijuana is a substance use issue that has been around for decades. Learn the facts of how you can help teens today.

Social Media Post: Marijuana Use Disorder

Share this post to warn teens that using marijuana during the teens years, likely increases the development of marijuana use disorder.

Social Media Post: Marijuana Effects the Heart

Share this post to warn about the heart related issues that may arise due to use of marijuana. Marijuana use can increase the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Social Media Post: Brain Fog

Marijuana has lasting effects on the brain. Share this post to warn about the long-term effects on attention, learning and memory associated with marijuana use.

Social Media Post: Marijuana Increases Psychosis Risk

Teens who use marijuana are at a greater risk for psychosis later in life. Have these important conversations and share this information with other parents and guardians.

Social Media Post: Marijuana Affects the Brain

Brain development is critical during the teens years. Did you know that Marijuana effects can last on the brain for up to 28 days from a single use? Share this information on social media to warn about the risks of marijuana use.

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