Substance Use & Abuse

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Signs & Symptoms: English

Make sure to know the signs and symptoms of substance use and abuse. Don’t be afraid to talk to people you are concerned about to get them the help they need.

Signos y sintomas del abuso de sustancias

Ways to Say No! – English

Peer pressure is real and it can be hard to say no. Find ways to say no that you are comfortable with and can say confidently. Practice saying no and be prepared. Parents/Guardians should help teens find their no and encourage them to be confident when saying no and why they should say no to using substances.

Maneras de decir no — Spanish

Communication is Key

Take time to have meaningful conversations with teens. Make sure to choose the right time, talk in advance of situations, listen, avoid criticism, encourage open dialogue and know the facts.

Tips for Encouraging Teens To Be Drug-Free

Parents and guardians are the #1 influence over teens. Make sure to state your expectations, set rules, enforce the rules, advise against risky situations, monitor online content, praise and reward good behavior.

Secure Your Stash

2 out of 3 teens say it is easy to access substances at home. Are your substances secure? The biggest mistake that parents/guardians make is thinking their teen wouldn’t dare touch their alcohol or medication – don’t take that chance!

Social Media Post: Eat Dinner Together

Research shows that children who eat dinner with their families 4 or more times a week do better in school and are less likely to use drugs or participate in other destructive behaviors.

Social Media Post: Mixing Substances

Mixing substances has a great effect on the body that can be deadly. Share this post on your social media to make sure people are thinking about the risks associated with substance use.

Stay Active: Plan activities for kids & teens

Staying active promotes positive behavior choices. Encourage teens to find organizations and hobbies and plan family activities that promote positive interaction.

Social Media Post: Don’t Risk Your Heart

Substance use has lasting effects on your heart. Share this post to remind people your heart is at risk when you use substances, including vapes and alcohol.

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